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Mayhem Style Apparel & Print Studio

Custom Screen Printing and Apparel Design


  • Apparel

    We not only screen print but we design and print our own apparel. All the shirts in our apparel portfolio can be found on our store at

  • Screen Printing

    We screen print t-shirts for every industry imaginable and accommodate each client to their own unique needs.

    We know how frustrating it is to want to print just a handful of shirts yet some other places won’t give you the time and day to print your orders. We are focusing on helping people like us, people who need small orders and not the pressure to stock 100+ shirts which you end-up giving to friends and family.

    If you’re a brand or business just needing small quantities, we are the one to help you get started and get it done!

    Feel download and browse our Blank Apparel 2014 Catalog.



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We know there will always be some unanswered questions when we visit someone’s website. For this reason this section is perfect to add answers to most of your Frequently Asked Questions. If you don’t find an answer what you are looking for, you can always contact us.

Do you charge set-up or screen fees?

We don’t charge any set-up fees or screen charges.

Do you print with water-based inks?

Water-based inks are available upon request. Please Contact Us to discuss options for water-based printing.

What kind of ink do you use?

We use only the highest quality plastisol inks. These are known to withstand years of washing and wearing.

What is screen printing?

Screen printing or silk screening is a printing technique. The image to be printed is transferred to a very fine fabric or mesh otherwise known as the screen. The areas that are not to be printed are blocked out on the screen. Ink is then applied to the screen, and then moved across the screen with a squeegee which penetrates areas of the screen not blocked by the stencil. By using several screens a number of ink colors may be employed in a single print.

How large can you print my image?

The recommended print area is 10 to 12 inches in width scaled proportionally. The maximum print area is 12 inches wide x 14 inches high.

Can you print over the zipper on a hoodie?

No, we recommend that you split the design down the center and leave a 3 inch space in the middle of the design. Please contact us for more information.

How long does it take to print my job?

Every job varies but normally a print job will take 3 to 5 days to complete once the artwork has been approved.


Mayhem Style is a brand and now a studio. Mayhem Style was founded and opened shop on 2009 with our line of apparel. Since we opened we have been focus promoting and marketing our brand.

As we grew, we noticed to be doing more than just designing our own apparel but we started printing our own apparel line. We have a studio where we can print our shirts and offer our screen print services to the public with very affordable and competitive prices.

We have a huge love for dogs and wanted to get involved by helping shelters and rescues, so we launched Lucky Dog Spot as a new brand which we own and operate. With Lucky Dog Spot we are able to help by promoting dog adoption and rescue using our designs.

All photos used belong to Garry Knight


Kept their promise and delivered on time with high quality shirts.

awesome shirts


Please use the form below if you have a question concerning a quote, ordering or pricing. We are always available to answer any questions you might have and help you start your next project. We will promptly reply to your email within 24 hours.

Studio hours:
Tuesday – Saturday: 9:00am to 5:00pm

Mailing Address:
2355 Westwood Blvd #262., Los Angeles, CA 90064


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